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Feel for ya mate. We had some similar issues a while back. Not to burst your bubble, but we got tired of dealing with the Brother driver issues. We had two really nice multi-function brother printers. One that did the one-pass two-sided scan. That one was at my wife's office before we sold it. It did a LOT of work, both scanning and printing, ran a counseling business with 7 therapists. The only issue was that it would frequently lose it's brain, or rather the laptops would. I understand it was normal for any printer to hang every month or three and have to be rebooted. But for some reason, (we initially blamed Windows update, but it happened with the couple MAC users as well) the laptops just couldn't find the printer, even after rebooting, even with static IP Address assigned. This would happen even more frequently with the "Scan to PC" option, where it wouldn't find the PC's to scan the files to, and we would have to scan manually by putting on the printer, running to other office and start the scan from the laptop. The biggest issue was that we were having to completely re-install the drivers every month or two, which was either a painful, long experience to manually remove all the drivers and software, reboot to make it "clean" and then reinstall, or just reinstall over the top which resulted in a new name, 5-6 versions of the same printer in the print menu, which was confusing to figure out which one to print to if the default settings ever changed. Which it did, because all of our therapists had printers at home that was usually their default too.. This problem was there with both printers. It would also often hang if you tried to print, and the printer wasn't yet "awake". This would require waking the printer up, manually deleting your prior request, then resending. Not a big deal if you're in the same room, but a PITA if you're all the way downstairs... especially if it doesn't clear the first time or two and you've now had to go up and down the stairs 3-4 times! Arrgghhh! So long story short, we dumped the old printers when we moved, and went back to the old standby HP after our move. It has a similar problem with the wake it up first before printing, else it hangs, but otherwise we at least haven't had to re-install the drivers for a year. Woot! I have to say if you do a lot of double-sided scanning, the one-pass machines are the only way to go. We'll never go back to the single pass. Good luck on yours, be interested to hear if you have any of those same issues with it over the next 6 months. (and yes, you know I'm a tech geek, I absolutely installed the firmware updates and such). Keep those install files handy!


You list problems I've had and that nearly caused me to apply an age-old remedy for such issues to my MFC...the C4 remedy. Lol.

Seriously though, it is exactly as you say, been there done that. I guess I figured I'd go back to what I knew, the Brother unit, as I'd get what I expected. Weird logic, but that Epson experience nearly ended with such violence I decided not to tempt fate. 🙂

I don't duplex much, don't print much in general but I'm hoping I have a smooth run, but I think you know what's going to happen as well as I look out for the killed my brother post on a Hive feed near you soon. 👀

I fail to understand why this whole printer thing is so difficult; it never used to be. Back in another life when I was transitioning from one long term job into another I worked for a time at the same national office supplies company I bought this latest printer from. I was an Area Merchandise Coordinator and used to sell technology also (computers, printers, etc.) I don't recall there being this many issues and these things being so fickle back then. Why is it so? I don't know...What I know though, is that hand grenades and C4 is an effective remedy...although it doesn't help when stuff needs printing.

Exactly right, it seems common with many tech things now though. They seem to get so focused on new features, new whizbang stuff that no one cares about and forget to focus on what people really want which is functional set it and forget it, consistent, stable function of the basics!