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RE: One I got another brother

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Brother tends to have good quality toners, with good page yield & price.

I always recommended Brother to customers over other brands for laser.

I had customers who used Canon & Epson for their Artist inkjet printing.

Just be wary of cheap printers with minuscule ink cartridges. One product years ago had like 1ml of ink & a heap of colours.
@$11 each it was costing him a fortune. Luckily, I found a supply for him @$2, but still ridiculous to change cartridges after 1 or 2 photo prints.

But good on you for not putting up with a bad purchase


I agree, I've been happy with my last Brother MFC from the print quality/yield perspective. Updating the drivers all the time is a pain in the ass though.

But good on you for not putting up with a bad purchase

Had it worked I would have run with it, but it was a pile of shite from the word go. Officeworks has a good refund policy and the chap I spoke to was helpful so I was happy to add to what I'd spent and upgrade back into the Brother unit. Let's hope I don't have to slay it. 😂