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RE: Can You Live Without a Phone in 2022?

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Last time when you told me about the accident, I was afraid that this would happen :( Like you, I am a person who does my work on the computer rather than on the phone and my phone is almost dead. I need to do something about it. We will see what I will do. I might get a new phone soon. What do you think, get your old phone repaired or buy a new one?


I think as long as it is repairable and the cost is reasonable, you can repair it. But if the cost is equal of buying a new device, might as well, buy a new one. I already got mine and saying goodbye to my old phone. I might have to repair it myself at some point just cause I don't really trust repair people 😂

I already have an iPhone 6 that's getting very old and it's time to replace it. I don't know what to buy, we'll see.