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RE: Phone home

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I'll be honest and say I'd be happy to roll back the clock to before the internet and mobile phones as it seemed so much simpler back then. Yeah, I know we'd miss out on things but only because we know they exist. You can't miss what you don't know about right?

I want to agree! ...but it makes me think whether I am willing to give up today's life or not? My life revolves so much around internet. Sometimes, I feel paralyzed when I'm not able to access the internet because of a black out.


I understand the feeling, especially for the younger generation who often cannot conceive of a world without it...But it used to happen, and people managed. I guess we come to rely on things and feel lost without them. It's totally understandable. However, if the power went out across the world for the next hundred years we'd adapt and make do. Humans are flexible like that.

...always on the larger picture @galenkp. ^^

Always? Let's just say sometimes. 😉

Well that's maybe because whenever I get to visit your blog, I always get that impression from you. But okay, I'll go with sometimes. ^^

Sometimes works.