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RE: Privacy Issues in Online Ride Service

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It have happened also to me with a courier guy, as he delivered one packet to me in the first lockdown, in April 2020! Believe me, it was even worse than this! He left me notes on my motorbike almost day by day for about two weeks! I wasnt sure if it was a prank or a real situation! I learn the hard true when i received a naked photo of him in whatsapp! After that the police undertook to make recommendations to him!

Maybe a qr code system it would be a good solution! I dont know!


What! that's just crazy, did they also know your number from the package? what was the resolution of the case?

This story ended out of court. The Police made recommendations to him, since he committed acts(according to the Greek legal framework), are threats and insults to sexual dignity! The funny thing about this story is, that when he left me the his notes, my wife thought that behind that was some other woman, with whom I had a secret relationship! The revelation of his identity was a double relief for me!