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RE: Can You Live Without a Phone in 2022?

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Unfortunately in modern life style is impossible to "survive" in any city without a smart phone. In contrast, with a smaller place like a town or a village where things arent so complicated! I try more and more not to rely on my phone for simple things, as how to found one street. I still prefer to stop and ask as many people needed to find it.

But the future is digital, and sooner or later the digital IDs will come up! All these qr code scan to get gas or to access to a place, service or information, is just a way to train us!

Nice thoughts in any case!


You're right, a small town or a village wouldn't have those problem. I think it's what makes me inclined to stay in countryside than living an urban life. Although I can say, urban living has its own advantages too. Whenever I travel, I tend to also ask around because it's more adventurous that way and partly to keep my belonging safe esp in foreign environment.

No doubt that the future is digital. I just hate how where I live, digital is only a slogan and in their actual implementation, it's nothing digital. Thanks for checking this out!