Making mistakes on purpose..its like falling up a stairs

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Hello Hive rant community, It's me, your angry doctor, and today I am angry at other doctors. Yeah, you read it right...other doctors.

Typically I am angry at myself when I mess up. I have written a post about when I messed up really bad in the surgery department and if you are a regular follower of my stuff you'd have seen it. If you have read it then you are about to make me angry at you too.

Today I saw something that hurt me on my chest. Typically I'd just let it go...but the person this act was done to was what got to me.

People are suffering, let's make them suffer more

When you see a patient come to you, you start judging everything about the person, it sounds like a bad thing to do but it helps for the best patient outcome.

These patients came with a child that has protein-energy malnutrition or Marasmus and you could tell they had been struggling. People who are not struggling do not come with children who suffer from such conditions.

I came and in addition to improper chatting on our WhatsApp group, which almost made me miss the patient while doing my drug rounds, the patient had wasted drugs.

Wasted drugs?

Yes wasted, this drug cost close $3 and the patient need more than half of the bottle everyday.

When the drugs are mixed with water they can be injected into the veins. But if they are injected and there is a remainder, it needs to be kept in the fridge.

The patient's bed

The patient's bed is far away from the fridge, I get it. May be 50 meters or so...But come on.

I went to the patient's bed side and saw 4 boxes of opened drugs that were all spoilt.

The normal color of ceftriaxone is yellowish green, the ones there were red!!

What I think happened

I think one of the new doctors in the unit made that least initially. But later people just continued. One was done by a person I even respect and expected better from.

But yooo, we are all human and even doctors. But to fuck up on purpose is something I will never understand. Never.

My next medically related post is going to be about when I messed up...the times I messed up a recent one happened I have been keeping to myself.

Peace and Stay amazing!!

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This is relatable even in the labs. so

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Wastes and general "fuckery".

Shit does happen :( does... I just people would take responsibility more you know...I've never tried to hide my mistakes... It seems like they are making sure no one knows and that's what creeps me out.

The disposable nature of everything has unfortunately made many people just out-right lazy. It's a shame! Where I worked previously, we used some substances and would only need a portion of it. What was done with the rest? Throw it in the trash! It's ridiculous because something doesn't have the words "multi-use" on it, you have to throw it away. People complain about trash and the negative effect we have on the environment but refuse to see some of the most significant waste producers are absolutely NOT you and I, but companies!

Wow, I have never looked at it this way. And to think companies stay clear of the blame.

And our drugs we give typically do not have such labels.

You are totally right!