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RE: Wear a Mask & Stop Covid Conspiracy Theories!

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One of the worst parts of all of this is the normalizing of sharing private information. HIPAA was established for a reason. Nobody besides your primary care doctor and another medical professional you would be working with for however brief, has any right to know a single thing about your health information. The normalizing of telling someone that has no right to know, what you have or have not done completely goes against the principle in my opinion.


That's a good point, @cmplxty. But, I have a theoretical question for you. If you were about to get intimate with someone, wouldn't you want to know if they had an STD? Well, with airborne viruses we're all in an intimate relationship with one another, in shared spaces, and not knowing someone's status could be harmful, or worse, deadly. I, especially, think of the elderly or immune compromised.

Sadly I don't think that comparison is relevant. Sexual diseases, virus or bacteria, are far more intimate than anything else. I understand how you may think of it but viruses, airborne ones at that, are normal to encounter. Sexual diseases are not. Our immune system is and has existed for the entire existence of human beings as a species to fight against things like viruses to protect our body. Without it, we would have died long ago.

But, clearly not all of our immune systems are strong enough to fight the coronavirus and that is why people are dying all over the world…

And every year before Covid, people all over the world died from the season flu.
Fact, the Covid death rate is on par with the yearly flu rate (even with the Delta vairiant), yet we did not descend into panic or institute such draconian control measures.
Fact, as of May 2020, worldwide, the collection of statistics on flu were stopped. So for a similar disease, that kills a similar number of people, no resources were allocated to it, why?