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RE: Ethical Use Of Technology.

Technology is definitely a great thing. We are able to what we are doing right now because of it. However there are evils to it. There are many who wish to control our every move and track every penny we spend. This is the bane of humanity and what needs to be kept in check and stopped. The current health situation is being used as an excuse to further the agenda of constant tracking and surveillance. They’ve had all of the tools they rolled out waiting in the wind for this very moment, salivating at the thought of putting more humans into a cage. It’s quite insidious and what many are trying to fight back against.

With that being said though, it’s incredible that we have the tools and ability to keep an eye on their moves, communicate with each other in the ways that we can and share content in the manner we do. Historically the group of people who are trying to censor and keep speech they don’t want people to hear away from a wide audience are the ones who are the evil doers and on the wrong side of the people. It takes understanding history and what happens in these situations to know that technology is our greatest asset as well as our greatest enemy. One hell of a duality!