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RE: Privacy Issues in Online Ride Service

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Privacy is an important piece of life that’s for sure. It’s brutal that they allowed the driver to contact you, I’m sure you could bring that higher up the food chain there. That’s not cool!

Speaking of apps that invade privacy, you don’t have tick tock on your phone do you? That app is crazy, they access all your phones data and can supposedly access a laptop if it’s on the same network as the phone. Fucked!


I don't have tiktok on my phone and just has essential app to survive modern idiocrazy haha. I hope they changed the system but definitely not going to use them anymore. I just hate how apps are invading our privacy.

Yeah for sure I do too. In the words of James Corbett “data is the new gold” and that’s for sure. It’s all to make money off our data!