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RE: One I got another brother

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Going to resurface an old one here. That's fuckzactly why you don't buy Epson! Lol. I've never had good luck with them personally. I was an HP guy for a long time but then realized it was just cheap shit that was intended to last a year or two before you had to buy a new one. So I opted to upgrade and got me a Brother and damn that thing is nice! The laser is much better for sure. It's a little on the expensive side but that's okay, it works and that's what matters. I don't know if I'll ever buy an inkjet again, I'm more of a laser guy!


You have said it fuckzactly right, I don't know what fuckassery I was playing at with that Epson.

Also, lasers are cool. I mean printers and the Star Wars ones too!