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RE: Wear a Mask & Stop Covid Conspiracy Theories!

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A vaccine stops transmission and thus protects others. The COVID jabs do not do that and are thus not a vaccine. They only benefit the person taking it, and only for a short time.

Masks do not work. They do not protect anybody. They capture and hold disease and dirt and negatively affect the psychological development of children.

Lockdowns do not work. They just destroy lives and economies.

Countries that have refused to engage in medical tyranny like Sweden have much better results than the tyrranies.

Countries (like India and much of South America) that have adopted cheap, safe treatments like Vitamins C, D & Zinc and Invermectin have much better results than Western countries that have pushed a risky, poorly tested, expensive jab that lasts for 6 months tops.

The Delta and new variants come from leaky "vaccines" that don't stop transmission and thus accelerate the speed of mutations.

It is the people pushing masks and jabs that are selfish and stupid.
They want to impose their incorrect opinions on other people.

And they are so scared of the truth of alternative opinions and facts that they censor everyone else on mainstream platforms.

I have resisted downvoting your post despite the fact that my opinion is ruthlessly censored on mainstream platforms.


Lockdown may not work, especially, when people do not cooperate, before/after. But masks, certainly, help as does vaccination — the alternative is serious illness and death. India and South America are not good examples where vitamins and experimental medications work — I have family and friends there and they are doing very poorly.

Take care of yourself & others 🙏🏽

COVID is no more dangerous than life in general. Its like prostate cancer. Lots of old sick people die with it, but very few actually from it.

The average age of death with COVID is higher than the average life expectancy in every country. The mortality curve is the same as the general mortality curve.

Stop falling for fear porn.

Show me data proving that mask mandates are effective. US states without them do better than those with. Countries without them do better than those with.

There is not a single peer reviewed study proving that masks are effective in broad public usage. Its just a pancea and a dangerous one at that.

Peer reviewed studies are showing 10 IQ point drop in infants exposes to mask wearing adults. It affects infant development not to see faces.