Understanding Why People Get So Easily Scammed


We are in the technology era, every piece of thing in this world has something to do with tech, and one day the same thing will happen with blockchain technology.

But people seem ti be not prepared for that change.

The majority want things in the easiest way possible, they want that so much, that can blind the decisions they make. We are in 2023, the era of technology and innovation, are we still see people that believe in "stake $100 and get a 5,000% APR"

People that fall so easily in pishing links or even worse, never write down their seed phrase or private keys...

I don't have any statistics about it and i can asure that most of the people on the planet makes those errors, but something I'm really sure that is in the majority of the population is to been lazy to learn

Because everyone can learn to use technology, and blockchain isn't necessary to be involved, but just because takes time to learn, people dont want to do it.



let me explain it in this way, plenty of people in US know how to use technology very well, they can afford the electronical equipment and they can teach a lot of people to use it. On the other hand, in an undeveloped country like Venezuela, the vast majority of people can't afford technology because of its personal economic situation, but there still people that learned how to use it by its own.

There are simple things like entering a bank account, setting a passport appointment, buying something online... There are people that pay others to do things, and not because they have a lot of money to spend, it is just because they don't want to take the time to explore and learn.

And you would ask, why do i care?

Because it delays innovation, those kinds of things don't give a reason to businesses to improve their technology for us, and tech makes things easier, you just have to learn how to use it.

A great example is the Self-pay in one local business of my country, I think it is the only business that implemented that type of payment. You just go to the cash register, scan your products, put your ID, Card, and ready, you just have pay everything by yourself, the same happens in US, but what is the difference? people don't use it they prefer to waste 20 minutes in a line before using it... I never spend more than 5 min in that place because of that thing, that's the only good thing I can take from people who don't use it.

The sad thing about it, is that you can't force someone to learn something, if they don't want to, there is nothing to about it, and that's where the problem starts, most of the population don't want to learn.

All images are from canva