The Relation Between Open Toilets and Bumper Production.

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Hello Everyone,

Last few years our village farmers were arguing that the their farm yields are far lessor as compared to what they originally used to get. And surprisingly they are blaming the indoor toilet system for that.

They belive that the old Open toilet system in Villages allow to improve the fertility of the soil, however since the indoors were started to made at every home the fertility of soil gets decreased which results in low production. This might sounds insane but could be a factor for low production as well.

Generally, going yoilets in Open fields is an age old prsctices I'm villages since many year. People in village prefer to have an earlyy morning toilets and can be seen taking a pot or walk down to nearby water fronts to relive themselves. They used to belive that the excreta were beneficial for their field as they act as manure and increases soil fertility. Now slowly the practices were more or less confined to 4x4 walls inside their home due to which not many people prefer to go out. Ultimately the fields getting barron slowly. Still many old people can be seen sitting in Open fields for toilets.

But how much the blame is true that needs to be considered that these farmers have many years of experinces and its pretty difficult to change their tradional approach and thought process. However what is your view point. Do you too belive that human excrete could be a major factor for low production. Well the arguments could be a never ending things but who knows...


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