The Science of Boring - Making Underground Water a Fountain.

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Hello Everyone.,

In case, anybody wondering, where I have been since last two days, then don't worry. I was bit stuck up in some household work. In fact it was digging a borewell that make me quite busy. Looking at the task, it is for sure a very laborous task.

It took two days to get the digging done, and then we saw some man made water fountain, splashing in the air. The haudralic machine brought in to check the water pressure and cleaning out the muddy water was in action, and as the compressor putting pressure inside, we see a huge water fountains all along the ground. It took me great effort to capture the process by standing near to it, and in between I get bit drenched. Still I made sure to bring stuff for my lovely audience.

Stay Home...Stay Safe!

** Namaste @steemflow**

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