Quantum effects underlie brain processes, produce consciousness – researcher | SophieCo. Visionaries

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Humanity has been searching for the seeds of consciousness for thousands of years. Dr Stuart Hameroff, anesthesiologist and director of the Center for Consciousness Studies, believes we might finally be on the path to finding them.

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The premise that consciousness itself is interrupted by sleep, anesthesia, or otherwise, is incorrect. Stating that the memory 'reboots' consciousness upon waking is also incorrect.

I personally have experienced events that refute this hypothesis. While my experience is anecdotal and therefore not empirical evidence to others, gross assumptions regarding consciousness underlie the expressed view of consciousness that aren't supported by empirical evidence either.

Other hypotheses need to be eliminated before it is reasonable to suppose consciousness isn't simply temporarily inhibited from expressing physical acts during apparent unconsciousness, as sleepwalking (and my own experiences under anesthesia) strongly suggest.


Edit: experiment demonstrating that microtubules aren't impacted by anesthesia or sleep will support consciousness being maintained during those states, because microtubules aren't impacted by either. Anesthesia does have known impacts, but those impacts only demonstrate the inhibition of conscious movement and action of the body, not autonomic functions. Consciousness is certainly effected at an autonomic level.

Quantum or not, a mind is just an illusion. If it was not, people wouldn’t fall for the Coronavirus hoax

I respectfully disagree. I think therefore I am.

But then you do not belong to the majority of people, @valued-customer :)

Quantom is a great idea, now only need to increase the lifespan of 100miliseconds