Unboxing My New Mobile Infinix Note 7 || Quality Photos And Vlogging

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I made this lately to give a very good recommendation to this mobile phone company and also to give an account of it after purchasing it from a reliable source in Abuja Nigeria ( Spar ). I bought it mainly for my vlogging profession, quality Photography, fast internet connection with large screen display. With all this mentioned, also it has larger internal memory for storage and also music application too in also inbuilt. The 48MP is super-awesome for me to capture more far photos and also light Zoom 😉 is also Dope 💪👌 for me..

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Congrats on the new phone. Missed your posts

Smile. My sister it not easy. I had to power down to sort so many things at hand. Thanks again. How are you doing today?

I'm fine, thank you.

It's well.