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RE: Osmand the De-Googled Map

in DTube3 months ago

Great find with this app, I love it!

Many blessings of Abundance upon you!


I notice you're using dtube. I've found 3speak has more options (like which community to post in) and more voting support for creators, but you can actually just embed the embed code into a HIVE post.

Oh, haven't heard of it. I'll check it out!

Seems like my account name 'cahlen' is taken over there, but there is no user with that name. Known issue?

Well it's just a front-end for HIVE, so you should be able to just log in with your active key.

There is no place to login with keys. It just asks for email and password. Same with account creation.

Ah yeah, a 3speak account - which you then connect HIVE accounts/keys to.