A white crab spider caught while grabbing a bee and hiding

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Crab Spiders ..
I did not know they existed, not until 12 months ago, when I first noticed something yellow holding a bee (the bee was at least 4 times the spider's size) and I was so mesmerized I could not help staring at them.

You can check here my oldest post and admire some of the amazing images of that time.

If this short gif is viewable, you should know that you are witnessing a very special event.
The crab spider has caught and killed (with its poison) a bee and it is a female spider - while the small spider on it - is actually her sex partner (a male spider)

How amazing is that?

I was astonished when I found out.

In short ..

Their name is Goldenrod crab spider or flower (crab) spider (officially Misumena Vatia)

They are a type of crab spiders, that are located in America but also in Europe.

They resemble a crab, and the females are at least double the size of the males

What makes them real special is that they can adapt their color as per their habitat. I have seen yellow, white and also purple ones!
This ability is called active camouflage and crab spider is one of the few species that can do it.

Source and further info: https://hive.blog/stemsocial/@katerinaramm/spider-crabs-going-straight-to-plan-bee

I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for coming by!

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als ich mal einen Kampf Wespe vs. Spinne beobachtete, hätte ich nicht gedacht, dass die Spinne gewinnen würde

Das ist eine besondere Spinne!
Ich habe mal eine kleine gesehen

Das ist noch ein Baby

Interesting. Didn't know that they could actually change their colour.
That made me read up on it. & it seems that it doesn't really work as camouflage: https://www.wired.com/2009/11/spider-color-changing-mystery/
Or maybe it did in the past & not anymore.

Very interesting article, I did not know about this! Thank you!