MOTHER EARTH & SPACE NEWS - Paradigm Shift, ANOTHER 'Nearby Nova' Paper, Tornados | News Jun.8.2020

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More than 20,000 homes and businesses in Louisiana and Mississippi alone remained without power this morning due to Tropical Storm Cristobal. We have had yet another powerful thunderstorm with some impressive wind and rain today in Southern Spain with 23 Centigrade and 72% humidity. Wind: 11 KPH E. This continues to be very unusual weather for the time of year. How are conditions on your part of the planet? Comment below, including your location. It is always great to hear the local perspectives from our global community.


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Oh! The situation is bad in America!
The rainy season is here! We had very strong wind today! Then came rain,

Hi Kaminchan,
I hope those rains are good for you there - not too fast! Yes crazy weather across the US!

Keep well =D

Yup! We still need more rain especially above all those dry up dams!!


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