IPhone 14 Review for Hive & Dtube! & The DailyJam’s for Saturday 9/24/22! Plus DailyJam’s 🎸🎙

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24 second Version 😂👆

Full legit Review ⬇️

Review of iPhone 14, hint it’s a bummer just in case you didn’t have time to listen. Yea it sucks! SIM card built in and can’t be removed which I think is terrible! Among other issues.

End of review… DailyJam’s below





SIM card can’t be removed….WTF

Yup! The Verizon rep on the phone said there getting massive amount of complaints on iPhone 14 📱

It’s SIM is built in and yup it’s trash. Obviously must be about control. I mean I don’t see a money savings reason or anything like that.

If I end up returning in person not mail I’ll record what they say about it.

If you do I’d be interested to hear it