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RE: STEEM YA LATER - Blockchain Blog Archival Tool - Open Source Release and Development LiveStream

in DTubelast year

Stream starts at 9:05 PM. Grabbing a smoke! See ya soon


don't smoke!

Quit now, while you still have the chance!
Been 20 years since I quit, don't regret it at all.

Thanks for making this available.
How do we get the link?
Do I need a desktop to run the code?

Yeah I don't know why I even started. Had a few social smokes when drinking and it escalated. I think i just need fo replace it with a healthy habit like hitting the bag.

Unfortunately, my little bro knocked the hell out of it and strap broke. Haven't replaced it but would be a good way to distract from the bad habit.

The first year is the hardest, by the third I rarely missed it all.
That first year was a near constant struggle.
Each time you eat, each time you drink, and every time you smell smoke, that urge hits hard.

You won't regret stopping.
It will save a bunch of money, too.

Follow fighthub 👊🏼

I could maybe dockerize a container on ubuntu but that may be overkill. Will try to break it down barney style if you want to set it up.

Dm me if you need help.