20+ Machine Learning and Data Science Questions Answered!

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Answering your most FAQ that you have dropped in either one of my social media accounts!

00:20 In which programming language do you work?
01:06 Which bachelors did you do to become a Machine Learning Engineer / Data Scientist?
01:33 What do you actually do at work?
01:51 How did you get into the position that you are currently at?
02:35 Have you ever worked as a Computer Vision Engineer? If not, why?
03:09 Where can I practice Machine Learning?
03:26 Python or R. Why?
04:00 Can you recommend a book for Computer Vision? I only know the basics.
04:18 Do you think a career in Data Science / Machine Learning is safe in the future?
04:46 How long did it take you to learn Data Science?
05:20 Can you work in Data Science / Machine Learning without a Computer Science degree or PhD?
05:45 How to become a good programmer?
05:55 Do you freelance or do you have a rock-solid job?
06:14 Do you work with the statistics provided by your Instagram account?
06:40 Tips for non-tech people that are getting into Data Science?
07:36 Do you need to know frontend to deploy Machine Learning models?
07:43 How do you do Machine Learning with a programming language other than python? Is it easier?
08:16 How many hours per day do you spend coding?
08:36 How do you get a job without having a portfolio?
09:18 Do you think some companies confuse the Data Scientist with Machine Learning Engineer profile?
09:47 Is Machine Learning a solo job in a company or do you need a team?
10:15 Any good course that you did during bachelors or masters?
10:30 What excites you the most?
10:53 If taking a self-learning path... what kind of math should one expect?
11:15 Which was the first programming language that you learned?
11:20 How can I build a portfolio for Data Science or Machine Learning?
11:56 Is it possible to switch back between Computer Vision and Machine Learning?
12:13 Do you prefer start-ups, small agencies or tech giants?
12:39 At what age did you start coding?
12:46 Suggest courses trending in industry.
13:04 Do you consider yourself a Data Scientist?
13:45 Why did you move from Machine Learning to Data Science?
14:03 Have you ever felt that you don't know what you are doing?
14:41 What is the most beautiful thing you've learned throughout your career?

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 2 months ago 

Hey, just curious.

Would it possible for you to put your DTube profile link on your YouTube profile?

So, people know it’s actually you that’s posting these videos and not someone taking advantage of your content?

Very good point. Thank you so much for reminding me to do this!

Have you done any projects w/ AI/ML with blockchain technology?

I am very new to blockchain, I will be figuring out bests ways to use my skills for it over the next months :)

I have been dabbling with machine learning as well. Mostly computer vision like style transfer. Since I got myself a 3090 I can render videos using machine learning.


Looking forward to doing more ML projects.

This is great, are you interested in AI+Blockchain?

Thanks...Yeah I am into both fields but not sure how or when we can use both to build something better.

Got it! - just started with some small research about how to combine them - let's see