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Hello everyone, how are you doing these days? Honestly, I have been extremely busy these days - trying to figure out what to focus on for the next years - I wish I could dedicate 100% of my time to building something I am trully passionate about but unfrotunately I can't. On that same topic - currently spending some time trying to build by first dapp - not on my phone of course! and yes, will most likely develop it on top of the #HIVE blockchain - let's see how that goes, I will keep you updated.

Something that trully bugs me and gets me thinking is the fact that I have a lot of family members (and friends) who are not really putting any effort on trying to learn about these new technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrencies or AI. A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation with my parents and their excuse to this was that they don't own powerful equipment. I mean, I can understand their point of view to some extent. What I don't agree with is the idea of not advancing or learning about things that will directly impact your own future just because you need the latest Macbook that nobody can really afford.

To "teach them a lesson" I prepared a small program that I coded on my phone. I did it using an iPhone first and then I replicated it using my Poco X3 Pro - which are around 2000 $ and 300 $, respectively (approx.). It worked on both. The thing is that nowadays some smartphones are even more powerful than some computers, so I tried to show them that even I can do some programming on my phone with no added cost.

I didn't really re-invented the wheel or deployed anything in production but just built a small PoC of how an Instagram filter could be built by just using Python, OpenCV and my front camera.

This program basically access your camera, detects your face and when you smile a moustache will popup. Easy. Cheap. Fun.

Also, how cool is to do Computer Vision (which is still AI) with just a couple of lines of code on your phone?

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It's really hard to get the people closest to you to understand how important some things are...
It's distressing sometimes