How to stay MOTIVATED in Data Science?

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In this VLOG I talk about losing motivation in Data Science and how to overcome it. I also give tips and tricks on how to stay motivated through your career - regardless if you are a beginner in the field or have X amount of years of experience!

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Thanks for sharing your post. Your concerns about data science seem to relate to virtually any topic where motivation plays a role. I had similar concerns during the initial COVID scare. I switched roles from a Senior Radiation Engineer to Senior Business and Data Analyst. This is a really nice vlog. I felt I could relate and it's good to know that people out there experience similar things. I'm glad you're getting back into the role.

Thanks for sharing your story and I am happy that you can relate. Sometimes people only post the good side of things but t is also good to post about reality :)

Yeah I agree, but I also think I understand. The last thing I sometimes want to do is pretend my problems don't exist. I imagine, though, that there is some therapeutic effect on that action. It gives you a break to breathe before facing your own reality again.

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