Is The Original Apple Watch Any Good Today?

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The Apple Watch was released originally in 2015. There have been several updates since then but with the original Series 1 Apple Watch still available to buy on eBay, it may be all you need even in 2020 and beyond.

In this video I go through the apps and settings on this Apple Watch Series 1 and how I use mine.

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Do they only work with iPhones? I know they get good reviews, but I never bought into Apple stuff. Smart watches have come a long way. I had a Pebble that I liked, but it had a design fault that made it less usable. I am happy enough with my Garmin now. I did buy screen protectors for that as it did get a scratch. I want this thing to last a while.

The Garmin smart watches are far superior to Apple Watches for fitness - at least they used to be. I'm not sure about the latest ones. Yes, they're only for iPhones. The latest ones have their own sim cards so theoretically they can work alone, but the experience is far better within the Apple wall garden.

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