The Podcaster - version 1 (Published on Apr 22, 2013 A quick overview of my ultimate PodCast device)

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Collecting as many Adam Curry clips as possible to get a entire catalog here one day. I’ll post throwbacks 1 or 2 times a week or so until we start to run out of older content.

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How does he only have 2k subs on Youtube?
I'm a huge fan of this man, and I only know him thanks to Joe Rogan surprisingly.
I was interested immediately because of his knowledge of open-source technology, but then his social/political stances were really contrarian and brave as well.

I’m a huge Adam Curry fan , mainly from NoAgenda but also his other podcasts and past endeavors. He just doesn’t like YouTube and posts like once a year. He doesn’t promote it at all.

Did you discover him from March 2020 rogan? Or recent one?

Yeah the first time for sure.
Well technically I've known him since back when he was a part of TRL lol.

He left b4 TRL was on. 3 years b4. You thinking of head bangers ball?

Perhaps. I just remember him being called DJ or something, it was like a news program.

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