WORKLIFE - A Sudden In-port Project - The Benguela Gem Mining Ship

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Good day everyone. It is a start to a new year and all of a sudden, 4 days after my leave ended and I returned to work and I find myself and in the harbour AGAIN.

This is how I ended 2022 and it is unreal to think that I would end up here so fast!

The the gist of this sudden job is this:

Last time we worked on the Benguela Gem there was an sticky expansion valve on the one circuit of its one chiller. The part was not available and we put it on order.

The part eventually arrived. It was then planned that we would send 2x Technicians to Namibia where the ship does its mining and install and service that circuit from there.

Then the ship's mining system broke and it returned to Cape Town, South Africa to be repaired.

So now we are taking the opportunity to do the repair while the ship is in the harbour!

Below are some pictures from the project. I did not take many yet as I have been too busy!

Site establishment - Office Container.

Site establishment - Office Container.

Work in Progress - Michael does a weld - silver solder.

Waiting to assist - Jarad watches Michael, learning but also ready to assist in any which way.

This project should not take us too long. I think that by Tuesday or Wednesday we will be done. We shall see...

Thank you for reading!


Hive South Africa


Any work well received, sure to have it going back off again soon!

!LUV have a great weekend and regards to the family.

Thanks Joan!

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urgh I was not happy when I found out about this project. I'm glad it's a short one and I hope you'll be out of there soon. Love you my babe.

The ship leaves on Friday!

not soon enough :(


Suerte con las reparaciones! Feliz descanso de fin de semana 😊

Muchísimas gracias. ¡Decidieron que no necesitamos trabajar el domingo!

All the best sir, I'm sure the work will be done by then 👍.


You're always welcome!

You will become a good Sailor at this rate. !LOL

Lol. Nah. I am not going to work offshore!

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Good luck with getting the job done as soon as possible! We often stand amazed by these ships and it's awesome to see them coming in and out of the harbor, but we don't see all the activity and the work that is going on behind the scenes that we aren't thinking of...

I can tell you a lot of what goes on there but should probably be careful about what I say about certain individuals and companies involved! haha!

Hahaha... That's normally the case in any place of work... Yes, it's probably better to leave it unsaid...

Great one. Well if you work good you can be finished about Tuesday haha. How was your weekend so far with your friends?

It was great! There shall be posts!

Great. Have a wonderful Sunday.