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RE: Sign Installer - Side Job at a Car Factory

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Hello! @wangster
You are posting through W.L! Wow!

I have seen those machines in the movie "Matrix". I never thought it can be real also.Your camera and the whole description say, it's natural.A robot can do the same in reality.😂😂

I am glad to see "W.L" is active now.I am thinking what should I post if I


Hey bro~~
Yea I am trying to set some examples by posting some work stuff I did in the past. This one in particular was a side gig and I thought it would be pretty funny... cause man... I had no idea what the hell I was doing in the first few jobs. and If you have anything you want to add into don't hesitate~ Lets get to know one another through reading each others blog. :)

Yeah sure man. Actually I thought the community W.L is in progress. So sorry..😂😂 already 31 members and people are sharing their stories.

What about the logo? Is it chosen?

Let me prepare my story of work life though it's insane.😂

The logo is right smack even votes.... So I will leave what we have now and periodically change it I guess? Yea... that would be fair. :) I know it takes a lot of preparation to create something good however it will be worth it. It has lead me to meeting a lot of good people here.