Learning to make videos, first attempt!

in WorkLife3 months ago (edited)

I decided it was high time to learn at least the basics of video editing software. For some reason.


I have no pretense that I’ll do anything professional with it, but for I figure it’s a nice tool in my belt for educational purposes. Being a music teacher, I like to send out video demonstrations, and it’s nice to supplement it with a bit of graphical help, such as the names of chords being played.

So I got on the piano and played a bunch of C chords, in a demonstration showing just how many different ones there are, and the different vibes they each give.

I wanted to have the chord names pop up onscreen timed to the changes of the chords. The piano at the school is a little out of tune so I put the metronome at 75bpm and just played into my phone camera.

I moved onto my much more familiar DAW software for music, I have grown up for years now with Studio One. I set that to 75bpm and just digitally drew out the same piano notes I played with a virtual piano sound overlayed.


Then I put the chords over, added a red band over the non-keyboard part of the piano and… what’s this, special FX? Intriguing…

So I slapped on this trippy negative… thing.

Pretty neat for a first attempt, eh?

I figure I’ll just dump my future efforts here until they start looking legit cool. Next I'm gonna try and have the keys light up somehow when I press them.


I like kdenlive allot free software quite good. It does crash every 2hrs but its always saved so restart and continue...

I tried some free software but they were always super clunky when it came down to me wanting to do very specific things. I guess I'm a bit too nitpicky? haha. But for my second video attempt I spent way too many hours at work trying to figure out the most BASIC F****ING THING. I kinda found a temporary workaround though... One day AI will be good enough to do it all for me.