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RE: A nice hello to autumn.(ENG-TR)/ Sonbahara güzel bir merhaba.

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Hi @mukadder welcome and thanks for writing a blog post about your work experience! Working in a Environmental laboratory for 40 hours a week... you sure are working through the midnight oil. Water is the most important asset we have on this earth... and I also did some water related projects and I found out that there is not really a lot of drinking water on the earth for us to get. That is some really great work for your local community and humanity to check for contaminates.

everything is about life. Living is a simple act. I guess it's us who make it complicated. business life constitutes an important part of our lives, such as 1/3. In fact, I think we are all modern slaves. But even then, it's up to us to be happy or not.

You are right, its us who makes things more complicated than the way it is. Everything revolves around how you see a situation or an object... good bad, pretty ugly is all how one perceives it. Modern slaves... hahahahaha. In a way for us to survive yes... happiness is appreciation of the now. It is why present and future... the word present is also a gift. :)

Thank you~


It was a pleasure to share something with such a community. Thank you very much for your attention. I believe the community will grow rapidly. I think you will be successful.