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RE: Sign Installer - Side Job at a Car Factory

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Is this your current job or a job from the past ?
It's always interesting to do other types of work then you are used to do , it gives you better perspective of how things are done and how people think.

It could be a coincidence but i'm surprised not to see any sprinkler system in the factory pictures or fire extinquisher.

Physical work always makes you eat more , atleast that is my experience. 🍕


This was a side job from the past 1.5 years ago. Hmmm I didnt notice any fire signs but I am sure they had to have it installed maybe its automatic robotic as well.?

Its true, that work has given me so much adrenaline I can clearly remember almost every step we took in hanging the big sign. and the way people talk is different too~ :) Not sound accent wise.... but more attitude personality wise they felt similar.

Food... yea I guess that makes sense. Tasty food was pretty cool. mmmmmmm taco's.

I remember the days that i was gardening for the city of Amsterdam back in 1984-1985 i think it was never had issues with eating 6 sandwiches on lunch break , and now i hardly eat 2 .
I never liked taco's myself i prefer Gyros and Shoarma

OOOHHhhhhh Goshh..... that looks so good. and those are not even easy to get in Taiwan if any.
True on the eating part. While I was there I had no problem eating more and now I can't eat as much and if I do I actually gain weight.
By the way did you make that? I can smell the tomatoes from here. mmmmmm

no this image comes from wiki pedia , just had a rough night just woke up again , hate it when you are trying to sleep and your head goes down memory lane 😏