Indoor Grow C99 and K2 100% Bio

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Originally I wanted to make a Post about my last Indoor Grow for quite a while but somehow I got over it until now that the Plants are allready in Curing Process.

I am running my DIY Box IKEA Bostrak 180x50x50 cm [0.4m²] with my DIY LED 10x CLU048-1212C4-303M2K1 3000K CRI 80 Citizen @ Meanwell HLG-240H-C700A Driver.
for about 5 Years and allthough I kind of want a bigger Closet i am still pretty Satisfied with the Outcomes.


I also added a small Far Red 730NM Board which is used to initiate Sleep Schedule. It goes On 5 Minutes before Main light goes out and keep running for 10 Minutes - so 15 Minutes total daily.
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I am always running 2x2 Plants @11 Liter Soil in this Cabinet. This Time I went for a Ultra Classic Stoner Strain out of my Youth. K2 - I have crazy Memories of getting heavy Stoned. And as the other Candidate I went for a Strain that many People say it can help with Chronic Pains - which I suffer - So I thought give it a go! Cinderella 99.

C99 and K2
Have a few Pics first





This was the first Time I did not use any Fertilizer besides pretty hefty Bio Soil - Sonnenerde. Because of two Reasons- First I wanted to make sure to get the best Original Taste and secondly because I wanted to see if Plants mature faster without additional Fertilizers.

I am sure that both worked out pretty well. The Taste and Smell is absolutely Amazing. Sad Thing there is no smell-Net ;)




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heheh my canna~mandala animation ;)

nice plants! ;)

Hey thank you for creating. First i wanted to Tag you but i read that tagging is not the way to Go but i will in Future if U want to 🙂

Ok, following Posts will include taging you :)

looks like your led is kick ass! You got tow talents, making leds, and then growing herb. Next one keep us updated in real time if you can.

Hey thank you 🙂
To be honest the Led making was pretty easy besides the math Part. I Hope that i will find the time and Motivation next time 😉

You really seem to have your lighting dialed in, if you dont mind me asking how much did you spend building your light? Its taken me about a year to finally get my lighting dialed in. For the longest time I was blasting my plants with light. I have recentyly split it in half during veg and I am seeing the error of my ways lol.
Beautiful ladies man....

Yeah the only Problem i have is a low Room Temperatur and therefore lower Grow Temps. I actually found the receipts from 2017 for you :) The Aluminum Radiators ~70€ ,Meanwell Power Adapter around 60€. The Leds were from ebay. Probably around 5-10 Bucks each. I guess if i had to do it today id probably go with Stripes

Thats not bad, 5 years ago LED parts where more expensive. Right on though great work. And thanks for digging out the receipts.

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