Daily Cannabis Review and Crypto Talk #1

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What is up canna peeps? I am bringing a nice little review of some Durban poison dabs and just shooting the shit about weedcash and hive and a little about blockchain.

I think I am going to start a daily series of talking about random shit for 5-10 mins and see how it goes maybe it can draw some people over to hive after I share the link around the web.

I will leave some photos of what I am smoking in that video below and maybe add more as we go.

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Oh my, that all looks very complicated! What happened to a good old joint? :) I think it is a great idea to do some short form videos. People really dig that sort of thing!

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Ah it ain't too bad, Joints are great trust me, and very social but DABS just hit better. They are normally 70-90% THC vs a 15% Joint.

Yeah they do love short videos, We will see how it goes

Oh dang, I don't think I could handle that!

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Nice, that double shot is cool. Sative is good for dabbing. It gets you really high without couchlock.

Yeah, I don't find them often even are Legal places.

Yeah man I still say this place is the future! So crazy people are still doubling down on places like Twitter! Like seroiulsy? lol

It really is, I think we have a huge future