SkyBuds Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment #75 - Bokashi Tea - Making #3

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Strain Name: Freakshow / Macrizzla / Reese Macflurry
Strain Type: Regular
Strain Breeder: 7eastgenetics
Growing medium: Supersoil
Growing Ferts: EWC & Compost Tea & Top Dress

bokashi tea, is quite the name, to be honest, But the tea is wonderful for feeding the micro life in the soil. I may have let this tea brew a day or 3 too long but I am under the understanding it may be better the longer you leave it as the micro life builds up more.

Again this is just an experiment and I am not 100% how true this may be.

The plants are just starting to show a small amount of orange trichomes and they may be ready to come off but I plan to leave till at least the weekend and see if I can get them to pack on a little more weight.

The DR grin is just nuts, The bottom of the buds are starting to fill out way more and I noticed this dam thing is still stretching. The freakshow Is so top-heavy now it is just falling over.


With this small 20-gallon lettuce my be ready to eat but I plan to leave it another week before I start to take anything off. This soil never got a bokashi tea but did get small water of tap water.




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Really starting to plump up! and i am not well learned when it comes to teas, but I recall that as long as it is properly aeroated, it will be ok.

yeah, they are, lets hope haha