Organic Grow Room - Grow 4 - Episode 2

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With the last update, it was a very basic update, So I plan to add videos again as everyone who knows my grows I like to document with videos.

This update I plan to bring back weekly or maybe more updates at least till I leave for a new work contract.

So the basics are I am still dealing with some spider mites but I am keeping them at bay but the plan is to add some to finally rid them for good. I have also noticed I may have some thrips so these mites will help take care of them as well.

The plants as you saw in the last post I have 2 reveg and a regular but I also have a small auto going while I wait for these 3 to veg.




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I imagine that soil is so much better now! Looking good bro.

It is crazy when I feel the soil I am amazed at the texture you can just feel how healthy it is

Nice man. Growing is a fun a hobby. Cheers