Small little Update - July 31

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Well, to start my cannabis peeps it has been a long while, I have had some new work come my way that has me working 10-12 hour days 6-7 days a week so not much time for the interwebs or gardening for that matter.

I have still been working on my indoor garden, With the last crop coming down I wish I shared more as it was an amazing crop likely the best I had grown yet. The Hooch had a wicked smell, I will take some photos soon but no time for good ones. But I am thinking of a new account with a new name. I want to show off more than cannabis but also show off the soil and what I do with my indoor and outdoor garden.

I am not an expert so don't think in any way I am, I am just a person with love for gardening.

So this time around I had 4 reveg clones but they are not turning out so well so I am thinking about 1 plant this round but a massive one!!!. I will be training this plant with LST Clips and tie downs. If I can train it to have lots of side nodes and tops. I am sure I can get the yield off like the last couple around a half pound.

These photos are all of the Blueberry that I just started training. This clone is from a buddy and I am hoping it is really a blueberry. Day 1 of training -



On the day 2 of training, I am working on side growth hoping I can get them to reach across the pot, I have a couple of other plants in this time but like I said I don't see them doing as much as I had hoped. The Hooch Reveg clones I was really hoping to keep around but I should have added them to a 1-gallon pot first and got them to grow a lot more.

Reveg 2

Glad you got some work! I do remember the last crop was looking great. Keep us posted at least once a week bro💪But shit I know sometimes it isn’t easy.

Yeah it was a wicked plant, I thought about just posting insta styles but they are never good 😂😂,

Hey bro it's great to see you around again! Understandable that sometimes things change in life and we get busy sometimes, it's nice you're still able to find a little time to do what you love.
The plants and training look really good man, can't wait to see more!

It is reassuring to know that it is for work, congratulations. Are you going to continue with the curation account or stop it for a while?
I look forward to seeing that monster of a plant.

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Yeah super busy, Gotta work when the money is around so I can take my winters off 😂😂, I have thought but I'll have to see as I may get going out of town for 3-6 weeks for a work contract.

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