skylinebuds Grow Log 2023 #1 - Seedlings

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when it comes to growing cannabis I think the worst part is waiting on seedlings. This is where I am now that I have to restart my grow. I do plan to get back to videos but ATM much to show off on video so I am bringing you this post.

The first thing I had to do was get my 2x4 tent all backup and running. it has been 3 months so I knew it was in need of a good cleaning.
With the lights, all off you can see I just left everything the way it was as I knew I would be going back to growing.

So after I got the tent all cleaned out I started to wipe it down and clean the floor and the walls. The old clone bin is taken out and put aside as cloning is still a few weeks away.

When it comes to the soil I used I am just using what I had around the house. the first couple weeks they really won't take much from the soil so this cheap miracle grows with some added amendments will work great.

The first thing was adding moisture back to the soil, This is done by me adding half the pot with soil and just wetting it right down. After wetting the soil it was time to add some vermiculture, green sand, alfalfa, and barley. I would have liked to add some worm castings but I am waiting on my local store to get some in stock.

Once I add all this to the pot I give it a good watering, I know the soil is dry so I hope to not have too much run out of the pots. The next step is adding more soil to the pot and once again adding water. the better way would have been mixing in a pot evenly but I like the lasagna method.

Now for the best part, All 6 of the seeds I started had some taproot on them. Some or most actually had a nice root and were already out of the seed. I am thinking 2 weeks in these small pots but may have to move them before that.

Forgot the end, They are now all under the humidity dome, The temp is really low being in the basement but I am sure they will survive. If now I will add a heater to the tent to increase a bit.

The plan now is to start 5 more seeds in 1 week

I also hate the seedling stage. Currently waiting on two to pop up out of the soil.

I also find the seedling stage nerve racking. Anything can go wrong, and if drives me crazy lol

Yeah right! It's like fuck spent 100$ and it an instant it could be gone lol

Seems like you got a really nice mixture going for your substrate! I've wondered how well miracle grow would work with growing cannabis..I've heard both not to, and I've heard that you can haha. But with the extra additives, I'm interested to see how your plants grow! I have a bag of miracle grow and was going to attempt a test grow on one of my older Lemon Zkittles bag seeds 😂

So with it I would never use reg as it has PGRs, but seedling stage need such little nuts that it will be fine.

It is actually really nitrogen heavy

Oh ok, well that is really good to know! So this is only something you'd do for the seedling stage, and use other soil during transplant?