SkyBuds Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment #88 - Autos Showing Life

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Strain Name: Freakshow / DR GRIN
Strain Type: Regular
Strain Breeder: 7eastgenetics /
Growing medium: Supersoil
Growing Ferts: EWC & Compost Tea & Top Dress

We have now got some life after only 3 days in the dome and under the soil. I am seeing 2 plants come to life. The one being the Black Sugar. This strain caught mine and my wife's eye but was a little more than Iw wanted to spend on a seed. But when @jonyourdyer told me I solid pick it the universe just knew to try 1 seed and it was the first Girl to show up. What do you like to spend on seeds? are you a baller and just buy high valued seeds or go by the strain and breeder?

The other strain to my surprise that shows life is the cookie monster, I was thinking for sure it would be the road runner due to it being a fast run auto.

I am really happy with the way the buttercrunch is coming, The other lettuce is doing great but this one head just shows great color and size. Do you have a place you order vegetable seeds from? I am looking for better quality and more variety of seeds.

Have you heard about the delegation and burn project I have started on weedcash? You can check it out for more information. I am hoping we can get this project to burn weed and share curation at the same time.

With Cannabis & Crypto I am thinking about going live daily from 3:20 to 4:20, What are your thoughts? I am trying to help grow the cannabis community and going live to talk, smoke, and just hang may help that. The show would be live on youtube, Twitter, Twitch, and be recorded in canna-curate discord for a later upload to 3speak,




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Why do you use seeds instead of cuttings? Do you want to perform a genetic improvement?

autos can't be cuttings, also way easier to source seeds

Black Sugar sounds amazing! Its crazy how fast you can turn around from harvest to new plant these days with autos eh! #Way2Grow

yeah, it is and some still pack a nice punch

I think you should start it at 4:20 as having it as an ending time could be confusing for your viewers.

I thought that but time is free at 3-430 lol after that it is time to cook lol. end at 420 with a dab or joint..

Nice that works as well 😀