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With the updates I want to get back to daily ones, This allows me to keep a log on what the plants are doping and I can reference them for people interested in my grows.

The plants are finally showing some signs of sex and plant 2 and 3 are showing the pre flower white hairs. This is a great sign as 2 of 3 being female is epic and I hope the 3rd plant is as well.

Check out the video for more updates on the tent and plants. If you are interested check out the old grow video on training.

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Looking good bro,
Great job on the training and the females all look super healthy.
I'm trying to get some stretch on my plants as well. Today I'm running the lights on minimum power to see if that does anything.

The auto looks a little fugly but maybe you can get a little decent bud off it anyway :D

Thanks, yeah they will climb in the first 2 weeks, hopefully, slower after that up to week 4. I hope they will get about 30cm or 12 inches away from the light. I am just not sure when to stop taking growth off.

And congrats on the females!

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I would say since that auto won't grow much taller, go ahead and do one more bend and clip:)

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Yeah eh lol, I was thinking about it




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