Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment Grow 3 - #16 - More HST & LST - 3speak Exclusive Grow

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I think I am almost on repeat but these plants are taking LST and HST like a champ, Maybe even the best plants I have had for it. I am taking the new growth off daily and adjusting the LST clips.

Plant 3
Plant 3

Plant 1
Plant 1

I did make the mistake of breaking a couple, The @bifbeans auto and plant number 2 I broke. With the auto, I was trying to bend the top just enough to bend it but I bent a little too much. Plant number 2 I was changing the LST clips and broke the small side node.

Bifbean Auto b

Outside of that, I am just doing my best to keep the pepper alive and growing. I am shocked I got 2 nice peppers so far on the first indoor plant.

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Looking good man, I really like how you keep a mulch layer and have been considering doing this too. I'm thinking about getting the same style pots too.
The peppers looks great , I like the biodiversity.
Sucks you're having breaking problems too with the stems.

!1UP Congratulations on the continued work in your garden!


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It looks like that's a lot of stress training. I feel a bit pity to the weed. lol


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Damn almost missed this post! Man my peppers are sucking. Those breaks always hurt, but life does go on lol

Maybe @futuremind can print the dog bones? I'll send him some so he can have a blueprint

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That sucks, Peppers I find can be hit or miss, Last year outside mine sucked at pepper growth but grew tall.

The issue wth ordering off him is the shipping went WAY up, I have to make it worth it. last time was great with the black outs so I think I will have to just get him to make more things and make shipping worth the price

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