Organic Grow Room Living Soil Experiment Grow 3 - #18 - 3speak Excusive Grow Video

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When it comes to my living soil I like to think of it as its own little world that I kind of have to keep thriving. With insects and worms and bacteria and fungi but I honestly have no clue what I am doing. I am still just reading and learning while showing off my work and maybe overtime someone will learn from my content.



Today though it is day 3 of flower and I am still hoping for females in the 3 random plants. I am really hoping I can get 1 but I think my odds are good to get at least 2. While I wait for that though it was time to start the feeding for flower, I don't have this down but I like to think I do 😆. So I layed the rock dust with greensand, gypsum, and basalt. These all have great benefits that I do over in the video but they also help feed the probiotics in the bokashi.

Over the rock dust, I did the thin layer of bokashi, This stuff smells so good but I wouldn't eat it that is for sure. After the bokashi layer, I take a nice layer of worm casting, This will build a living mulch layer and within a few days the whole top layher will be booming with life.


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Looking real good. I am thinking I need to hit mine with mollasas. do you ever use that?

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Thanks, Yes I do, so in teas of course but in flower week 3 and flower week 5 I will use it every water. Week 2 and Week 4 get teas to help build the system. I use 1 table spoon for 8L



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