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RE: Cannabinoids appear to block cov-19 infection!

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I also believe in the healing power of this wonderful plant. So also my doctor. That is why it have been prescribed for me by my doctor for some years against my asthma, among other things.
It works great. My "normal" medication (i.ex. aerosol sprays) has rarely been needed since Cannabis.
And it has some positive side effects. In example the power of creativity has surrounded me ever since. 😀


Right on! It's great you have a cooperative doctor and access to good medicine. Nobody should have to go without in a civilized society. At the very least, stop criminalizing the act of growing plants! I can grow and extract the cannabinoids myself, super high end quality, better than anything the legalized regime can produce (by far). But to protect corporate profits, I'm not allowed, or I go to prison for 14 years. That's "legalization" in Canada! Pfffff!
Agreed on the creativity. I enjoy the motivation boost I get, and of course pain relief and so much more.