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Hey everyone! So around 15 days in flower, and so far so good. Seems all the changes I have implemented proved to be the right choice. Besides switching to HPS, another change I have implemented was to use a Top dressing to feed the plants instead of liquid nutrients. Oh also added my homemade Compost made from food scrapes, and shredded paper, and dried leaves for my carbon.

Pictured from left to right, or top to bottom: Larrys Breath, Chile Verde, Dosi Sherbet (3 Gallon Challenge), and Knights Templar Og.

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Top dressing is the best imo.. here's another trick for flowering.. soak a banana peel in water overnight and feed to the plants ..

I recall someone once telling me that liquid phosphorus was bad for the soil. Don’t recall exactly. I will have to try out that banana thing. How much water should I use per peel?

Idk i used a 5 gallon bucket half full for 5 plants... outside


Looking great bro! 👍

Thanks dude!

everything looks great again.🔥💯 I'm also curious about the end product

Thanks man! And yeah I’ve been so excited about the chili verde since they came out with it. It’s also going to be nice to have something new to smoke on.


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Coming along nicely under the HPS. I was wondering if 600 watt hps would be better in a 3 x 3 than say a 310w mars hydro led.

Peace brother

Great question, I know a 600 watter would be way better in my 4x4. It really is hard to say, one thing for sure is the HPS will generate more heat, so perhaps that would take away from the quality more so then the LED. Would make for a great experiment.