It was incredible to roll (stinky and sticky as fuuuck) and a delight to smoke. Like candy for the cannabis smoker. No harshness, all flavour, somewhere around 18% THC. Smells right through the glass.
If only @DRutter could grow pounds of that stuff! : O

the MK Ultra cross I had was under 20% too, I guess thats as high of a THC level as one can get out of that plant.

Ever heard of a MK Ultra over 20% THC?

He could grow pounds if he had a license, from what I see it is possible craft cannabis will be given special consideration but I think we need to start get more vocal about small cannabis grows for the government to get the message

also if we pay a membership fee in Hive and there is gifts for members, a cannabis club can somewhat sustain a book club model with certain set backs I am sure, as long as its under an oz exchanged for none commercial purposes between adults who pay the membership fee it should be good to go.