Tent Update: Gnat Infestation!

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What's good Weed Nerds? Bear market got you down? Well look on the bright side, we probably will never see prices this low again! Then on the other side of the coin, we are making crypto for talking about stuff we love. It don't get better then that. I wake up every day grateful for this place. Which is why I spend a lot of time trying to spread the word, so we can share the wealth. It is crazy how people would rather spend their time helping others get rich. It is what it is. Something you all know I say a lot. But it's true.

It has been 6 days since my last update, which brings me at the 39 day check point.

Strains pictured from left to right:


It has been a bumpy ride the past week due to a gnarly Gnat infestation. I had to spray the top 2 inches of the soil with Green Cleaner, which did not do much of anything except most likely killed some beneficial bacteria. Which has brought on some yellow spots on the Larrys Breath, and Knights Templar. At least I suspect. But this Gnat problem is the worse I ever had, and the culprit is the Compost I added. But if I had to do it all over again I would! The only thing I would do differently, is the way I am handling this infestation.

a few days ago I pulled out all the plants(this is where I am relieved that I did not add a trellis). Then cleaned, and disinfected the whole tent. I then added some hanging sticky traps on each side of the tent, something that I highly recommend you have up at the very start. I have to admit, I was a little lazy, and cocky by not adding this before hand.

I did have some sticky traps on the floor though, but this infestation calls for a 'Shit Load' of them. So I placed a good bit in various places of the tent. This traps are also something I highly recommend you have in your tent. They are cheap, and effective. You could even put them on the base of your plants if needed.

Here is an another all natural way to combat Fungus Gnats. Pour a 1/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar into a container, and then add a few drops of dish soap.

They put a lid, or a plastic baggie over the top, and poke some holes in it(I forgot this step). This will attract the Gnats, and trap them.

I placed them in the middle of tent. Even though I missed the part of added the top to trap them, I did manage to catch a good bit. However when I realized I missed a step, after adding the top, there was more Gnats in the cup.

Ok so I set up the traps. Now what about the actually soil where they live, and lay their eggs? Like I said before I sprayed the Green Cleaner, which I wish I did not do. After all Gnats are not harming my plants, and are just more annoying then anything. However they can be detrimental to younger plants, especially seedlings. Even though I am at the half way mark to finishing, I believe my situation is something I can not ignore.

In the past I have seen a few members of the community use this product, with great success. This is something I wish I would of done before using the Green Cleaner. After all is is all natural, and is actually beneficial since it is a source of Calcium, and Silica. I am not sure how much of that is bioavailable to the plant, but sure as hell is better then Green Cleaner!

DE is crushed up fossil shells. So on the micro level it is basically shards of glass. For small bugs like Gnats, they get cut up by these shards, and eventually die. I generously applied a layer of it to the top soil, and did not water. I made sure to do that before hand, so that way the Gnats would land in it, and get cut up. So did it work?

I am happy to say all my efforts has helped tremendously! They are still around, but not as much as before. I notice they are flying around more, which before hand they where chilling more. So this tells me they do not want to land in the soil, and hopefully are dying. The plants are looking great, minus the Knights Templar. Although the buds are coming in nice. My # Gallon Grow Challenge Contender is looking pristine. Not sure the harvest will amount to much, but that really does not matter.

The whole point of the Grow Challenge is to give us all a goal that we can reach for together. It is also something that adds some fun, and excitement to the community. But most of all, it is a call to grow! Growing your own medicine, food, or even something for looks is very empowering, and rewarding. I said above I want to share the wealth of my stake with everyone, but I also want to share the gift of growing. Thanks a lot for reading, and I hope this post can help you if you ever have any Gnats. If anyone has any tips they want to share, please comment below!




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Don't tell a criminal where that wallet is, he might have a gun and a mask.

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So the compost may have had some larva/ eggs in it but if the soil was covered with a mulch it would be harder for them to cruise in and out of soil... can be a mute point if the infestation is so bad they are entering and exiting on the bottom of pot.

Adding compost this late in flower probably caused 2 main issues... unwanted pests in compost and unexpected water retention in soil or at least as to how significant the water holding abilities would be.

We actually have a plant, that was placed on top of a property drainage pipe against my advice, that became over saturated and caused a bad gnat infestation. thankfully only on one plant. Plant might not make it. But since it is outdoors the gnat infestation attracted the mites that eat the gnats... Today my https://www.naturesgoodguys.com/products/hypoaspis-miles-predatory-mites-12-500-insects is arriving just in time.

Having mulch, in my grow, allows for the nematodes and beneficial mites to stop the infestation. The gnats have been here for months but took a flooding event and drain pipe under a plant to allow the gnats to take over on one plant but not the others.

A lot of people will cover 1-2 inches thick of perlite to help stop the gnat traffic.

DE is really bad to breathe and is only effective if dry, which is where the dust becomes an issue esp with breathing and buds. DE can work but is not safe to use in a grow room with circulating air and buds. But if you do use it put it on thick and make sure it stays dry.

I am sure you will make it through the choppy seas to harvest land. Everything looks great!

Damn that’s great to know ! I didn’t think of it being bad to breath. But then again I was safe with turning off fans when applying it. I’ll remember that about the mulch next time, thanks so much for the comment!

Growing is fun.


Wow you're not playing around with these gnats lol..
Looking good man, I'm sure you'll have them gone in no time :)
The plants are looking so beautiful just like I knew they would, your green thumb is bursting through them!
Keep up the great work, can't wait to see more!
PS. I saw a fungus gnat last night in the flowering tent.. grrrrrrr wtf wtf

Thanks bro! And yeah I remember someone telling me once you need to declare war on a pest issue. It resonated with me ;)

Which method you think that helped you more? I know that vinegar helps a lot to attract fruit flies!

I would say the mixture of the Diematcous Earth and sticky traps. Because they don’t want to go to the soil, they go towards the traps ;) thanks for your question:$

This is how I know I've been around a while and have changed:

The bear market has me excited. I'm trying to DCA and stack, not trade.

If I wasn't going through a divorce and trying to reestablish myself on my own, I'd have more free cash to stack more. That's my only regret. I've been picking up as much overtime as I can, though, and if I had any furniture, I'd sell it. haha.

Anyway, I hope you're well. It's been a long time. I'm still alive and smoking, just quiet. haha.

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Hey bro! So glad to hear from you. I’m well. About to have my 3rd kid in October. Sorry to hear about your divorce. Hopefully you get that settled, and behind you soon.

Three kids, wow! Congrats! The divorce was finalized yesterday, so at least there's some closure there.

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Gnats are really a nuisance specially when the atmosphere is humid and moderate. Tents have this problem because they are not exposed to sunlight, and gnats keep coming as long as they find a nice controlled atmosphere.

Protecting the moist soil with any kind of pest control may help reduce their population. Are they fungus gnats?

Yeah there fungus gnats, most likely came from some compost I added a little while ago. The humid level is between 40-50%. I’ll be dropping to 45% soon, then to 40% the last 2 weeks:)

The plants look great. Those little gnats come out of the compost for me too. You are right they are more annoying than anything else.

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Yeah they really are. What freaked me out mainly was seeing the larva! Lol nasty as hell

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