Harvesting The DarkHeart Nursery Clones. Almost There!

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What's up Weed Nerds! So after around 80 days of flower, I have decided to go ahead to cut down the remanding 3 plants. Here is that post from where it all started. The last run in the 4x4 tent. At least until I move into a bigger place. Which is a couple years down the road. It was also the run where I tried out HPS for the first time. Which I have to say there is no doubt why HPS has been the king of grow lights for the flower stage all these years. However the results are comparable to the old LED bar style I had. If I where to grow again in the same size tent, I for sure would run with the bar style LED. Just for the fact I am able to run at higher wattage, and the light spread would allow me to fill up the 4x4 VS the 400 Watt HPS limits the size of canopy. But overall the 400 Watt HPS did it's job, and I am now currently plant less:(

So first things first. I took down the hood, and packed up the HPS bulb. They are heading off to storage, and probably going to collect dust. Since I will no longer need it, I will put up on Offerup for sale. Or just let it collect dust, and have something ready for when the day comes, until I can upgrade.

Now that I have everything ready, to hang the plants to dry in the tent, I will pull out the plants to pull off some of those dead leaves, and inspect for any god for bid PM.

Chili Verde

I so wish I had at least another week to let this grow still. Due to an apartment inspection on the 4th of Aug, it just can not happen. But I think this will be a nice finish on this CV. Still on the fence how I fell about it. It is a strain that is on the Sativa side of life, which I do not partake in much these days. I am sure it will be a nice one to gift some buds to friends, and even receive some donations for to make up for my costs. ;)

Dosi Sherbert

This is another one I wish I would be able to let go a tad longer. But I can not complain at all with this finish. An all around great bud, with a great nose. I had the sample I cut a week ago last night, and not to bad.

Larrys Breath

Then the clear winner out of the bunch, the Larrys Breath from Thug Pug! This one is just ready I fell, just look at those orange hairs withered up. Just perfect!

Knights Templar Og

Then the Knights Templar, the one I had to pull out of the tent to separate from the others due to Powered Mildew. Also I do believe it had some kind of root disease. But I did not catch that until after the fact. But it is a plant I accepted as a loss, and then cut it, and gave a bud wash to see if it helped. Well I have to say not to shabby! Not great, and it will be kept for my personal use. From what I thought was a loss, is 24 grams. Not great, but good enough to hold me over until the rest dries, and cures.

Ok now that I inspected all the plants, and pulled off some of those dead leaves, I will no proceed to cut, and hang.

I just took a rope, and measured what length I needed it to be to fit from one end to the other, and then proceeded to hang. Utilizing hangers as well.

To keep things simple I will fit each plant on one rack.

When cutting, I cut on the bottom, to utilize a branch as a hook. This really makes things easier, as hangers take up to much room.

And now the Larrys Breath is up, and drying!

And then the Dosi Sherbert!

I keep fans running in the tent, but not pointed on the hanging buds. This will help keep air fresh. I will also keep the inline fan running to pump old air out, and new air in. This is as crucial when drying, as it is when growing! I also have the dehumidifier outside of the tent, to run as needed. I also have the humidifiers just in case. I doubt I will need those to run. But it is good to have just in case. This is because you do not want your buds to dry to fast, but also you do not want mold to set in. I have found it is good to keep around 55% humidity the first few days, then after it is ok to let it hover around 55-60. My room stays at around 70ish degrees, and dropping to 65 at night. I wish I was able to keep around 60, but without and AC, it just isn't possible.

I will let them hang for at least 7days, but hopefully they can stay up for 10-14 days. Which I actually have 10 more days before I have to take this down. It has already been 3, so if I can do 13, that will be excellent. I am very relieved I will be able to finish these before inspection. Ive pulled it off before with mid flowering plants, but let me tell you, it is such a pain in the ass! Bullet dodged on that one.

I’ll like to thank everyone who encouraged, and helped me along the way in this grow. But it’s not over yet. It’s a tied ball game with 30 seconds on the clock. I have the ball, but will I hit the game winning shot, or blow it? Stay tuned……




🔥💯she looks beautiful.

Thanks Loona!

Man, that Larry's Breath looks awesome

Yeah and to think I got this only because they did not have the Grape Ape!

Hopefully it is awesome for you

Thanks bro!

Looking good. So, HP or LED?

Verdict is still out, but if I where to run more plants, LED all the way just for the fact it would be less heat to worry about.

Those are some gorgeous looking buds sir! Great job! I need to get some good seeds from you before I go to the farm in Bama next year!

Anytime bro! And thanks :)

Awesome harvest bro, I really like the Larry's breath too. All the plants look beautiful, I wish you could have let them go as long as you wanted to but I still think they look great.

Seeing the results you get makes me want to push my plants a little further as well. I hope you're able to get back to growing again as soon as possible.

Can't wait to hear how these smoke for you! Great job man!

Thanks bro! And yeah patience is usually rewarded, but then again so many things go go wrong. It definitely is a roll of the dice

Nice yields for sure, The Knights Templar looks bomb man,

Hope all has been well

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All is good, just missing your grow updates;) what you been up to?

Ah, I keep wanting to and plan to but hard to find time. Been working 10-12s 6-7 days a week trying to survive 😂😂 but was in the middle of a post actually.

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Someday people will realize that we are not criminals. Happy harvest..

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Let’s hope so! Where I live that has passed, but I do know for most of the world that is still the case.

ñam ñam ñam nice harvest bro, you always have great strangers plants :D

Lol thanks man!