Day 47, And 28 Days To go. Maybe......

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What's up Weed Nerds? It has been 8 days since my last update, and things are moving right along. The Gnats are now under control. There still around, but no where near as before. I fell worrying about them even more will just create more problems. I am so close to the finish line, and can not afford any setbacks. I am loving this HPS light, but only issue is I am taking less pictures. I really need to pull these out, and get some shots under some good lighting so you all can see how good these look!

Dosi Sherbet, my 3 gallon contender for the Grow Challenge


I am now on day 47 of flower, which means I have about 2 weeks left. That is if I go exactly by the recommendation of 9 weeks from the breeders. I am thinking I have more like 3-4 weeks left. @ericwilson has said it best once in a post, breeders usually do put a short flower time on their seeds, just not to spoke people away from a long flower time. But really the flower time breeders say is just a reference. Truth be told flower time all comes down to personal preference, and it varies from strain to strain.

Chili Verde

So the Chili Verde, and Dosi Sherbet are the only ones I pulled out the other day to get a good picture, or at least somewhat good lol. You can see they are sucking up all the nutrients in the leaves, and starting to get that fade. It should start to look real interesting here in the coming week.

I have been going a little heavy with the PK the past couple weeks. I am sure I can go even a little more! I also have been using Silica, in hopes that the branches support the weight of the flowers. So far so good. Since I have no trellis, this can become a real issue.

I am loving the Knights Templar Og! It really is some Og Kush goodness. I am so excited, since it has been a few years since I have had a good Og, and that was when I was growing the Tahoo Og x Og. Sure Wedding Cake is a a good flower, but it does not compare to that Og Kush. Speaking of that, the Dosi Sherbert really reminds me of Wedding cake. Gassy, and vanilla terps, with some sweetness to it. I am interested to seee how it turns out, but not very excited since I am a little burnt out on flowers like this. Really pisses me off I missed the Grape Ape clone drop. Oh well, I will grow that strain soon!

So here is the plan. I will add one more top dressing of a 2-5-4 bloom fertilizer, so that way I will not even think of cutting in the next two weeks. This will give me ample nutrients to push them as far as I can. Perhaps a couple more bud boosts as well. Then after 2 weeks I will access the situation. If I fell they are ready, I will drop the humidity down to 40%, then hit with some molasses, all while dropping the humidity to 40%. Which should not be a problem, since the weather is warm. Then start to flush, and let them go 2 weeks longer. I hope this is the case, because I am smoking on scraps at the moment. Which BTW is also a determining factor on when to harvest, ;)



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Your plants look so healthy.
and tasty✌

Thanks dude!

ñam ñam ñam send some buds bro!!! hahah. the seeds that you send are growing really but it is all the weathers fault