Winter buds / Cogollos de invierno


I planted this box on September 15th. It's been almost 5 months and I still don't see the end 😂. When it's cold they seem to take it easy and go slowly. Here it is the middle of winter and they are outdoors. They are not Ruderalis and don't like the cold at all, but they will still give some buds.

Esta caja la planté el día 15 de septiembre. Han pasado casi 5 meses y todavía no veo el final 😂.. Cuando hace frío parece que se lo toman con calma y van despacio. Aquí es pleno invierno y están en el exterior. No son Ruderalis y no les gusta nada el frío, pero aún así darán algunos cogollos.



Tomorrow I will give them a hair and beauty session. I will remove leaves and put some humus because they are many months with the same soil.

Mañana les haré una sesión de peluquería y belleza. Les quitaré hojas y pondré un poco de humus porque son muchos meses con la misma tierra.





As expected they have caught powdery mildew, but only the big and old leaves. The leaves close to the buds and the buds are free of powdery mildew. Tomorrow I will clean them well.

Como era de esperar han cogido Oidio, pero solo las hojas grandes y viejas. Las hojas cercanas al cogollo y los cogollos no tienen. Mañana las limpiaré bien.



I hope you liked it and see you next post.

Espero que te haya gustado y hasta la próxima publicación.

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O that PM sucks, Wipe the leaves and spray with apple cider vinegar, Won't remove it but helps the spread

Thanks mate. I pruned them today and sprayed them with horsetail. Let's see if we have any luck.

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I like your style of growing a couple of crops in the same container ... i do the same ;)

Yes, I think they are very, very sociable plants and like to be in company. They say they communicate with each other by their roots.

Like in Nature... always symbiosis...
imagine a whole field of cannabis...
and no competition ;)

Ketama in Morocco

Nice! Let's hope the slow growth of the buds make them extra potent :3

Well I hadn't thought of that but you may be right. The older a plant is the more potency it has. Thank you.


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es increible en pleno invierno consigues buenos cogollos igual :D

No se cuantos cogollos darán, ya veremos, pero siempre son bienvenidos. Buenos humos.