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RE: Dedicated Flowering Tent - Dedicated Vegetation Room

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Wow that is very fascinating!

I think if we can run an experiment that gives consistent results over and over and recreate the experiment to give similar or the same results with biological organisms, even in other environments or with different plants, then it would be hard to contest (debunk) this. At least in my opinion.

We DO know, that plants in the wild are connected to each other through the mycelia of funguses in the soil, and THEY communicate with each other, like on Pandora in Avatar

Absolutely, and with fungus's there have been studies and comparisons made to "neural networks" like a computer network.

It's interesting to note that my limited experiences thus far with psychoactive fungus, felt like my brain was receiving information in an inexplicable fashion, where certain aspects of myself became clearer, and even perceived aspects of other people. How is this even possible? It shows how little we know, and science does help potentially explain some of this, but there may be limitations of course!

I was intrigued, and I still firmly believe the plants in our homes can directly sense things about us, possibly even what we are thinking.

Totally, when my mood is off, my plants start seemingly getting weaker or sick. I always have this feeling that I am influencing them adversely when this happens.

The same thing happens with my cat! He turns into a grumpy boy no matter how much love I'm giving him if I'm in a shitty mood.

I always appreciate your thoughtful comments my friend. Now I want to plant a bunch of stuff lol, will probably do that later today with some micro greens lettuce seeds I have :) Maybe a bean plant too, but they can be hard to manage in the closet :P

PS. I love that movie Avatar too, it's been a while since watching it.